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Finite Element Analysis Applications and Solved Problems using Abaqus®

Finite Element Analysis Applications and Solved Problems using Abaqus®

The main objective of this book is to provide the civil engineering students and industry professionals with straightforward step-by-step guidelines and essential information on how to use Abaqus; software in order to apply the Finite Element Method to variety of civil engineering problems.

The readers may find this book fundamentally different from the conventional Finite Element Method textbooks in a way that it is written as a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) publication. Its main focus is to teach the user the introductory and advanced features and commands of Abaqus; for analysis and modeling of civil engineering problems. The book is mainly written for the undergraduate and graduate engineering students who want to learn the software in order to use it for their course projects or graduate research work. Moreover, the industry professionals in different fields of Finite Element Analysis may also find this book useful as it utilizes a step-by-step and straightforward methodology for each presented problem.


Each chapter of this book elaborates on how to create the FEA model for the presented civil engineering problem and how to perform the FEA analysis for the created model. The model creation procedure is proposed in a step-by-step manner, so that the book provides significant learning help for students and professionals in civil engineering industry who want to learn Abaqus; to perform Finite Element modeling of the real world problems for their assignments, projects or research.


The essential prerequisite technical knowledge to start the book is basic fundamental knowledge of structural analysis and computer skills, which is mostly met and satisfied for civil engineering students by the time that they embark on learning Finite Element Analysis. This publication is the result of the authors; teaching Finite Element Analysis and the Abaqus; software to civil engineering graduate students at Syracuse University in the past years. The authors hope that this book serves the reader as a straightforward self-study reference to learn the software and acquire the technical competence in using it towards more sophisticated real-world problems.


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Finite Element Analysis Applications and Solved Problems using Abaqus®


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